Thursday, May 27, 2010

When You Really Want To Clean A Beach

This is one nasty looking piece of machinery. It is called a RockHound and was used mounted to the front of a Mustang track loader (Someone tried to tell me that it was a Mustang Backhoe - I think that's like calling it Puffs Kleenex....). We used it for for hardcore beach cleaning - this thing is going to pick up a lot more than random pieces of trash and cigarette butts. From a distance it is not that impressive, but when you get your face up-close to the actual RockHound and peer through the holes (Health and Safety moment - turn off equipment before peering through holes), this is one vicious looking thing - think row of two inch long teeth mounted on steel bars that all rotate around a central shaft. Looks more like a medieval torture device!


CDG said...

That is awesome! As the mom of a 2y/o obsessed with big machinery, I appreciate stuff like that!

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