Thursday, May 27, 2010

When You Really Want To Clean A Beach

This is one nasty looking piece of machinery. It is called a RockHound and was used mounted to the front of a Mustang track loader (Someone tried to tell me that it was a Mustang Backhoe - I think that's like calling it Puffs Kleenex....). We used it for for hardcore beach cleaning - this thing is going to pick up a lot more than random pieces of trash and cigarette butts. From a distance it is not that impressive, but when you get your face up-close to the actual RockHound and peer through the holes (Health and Safety moment - turn off equipment before peering through holes), this is one vicious looking thing - think row of two inch long teeth mounted on steel bars that all rotate around a central shaft. Looks more like a medieval torture device!

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Barn At Last!

This past weekend I went on a photo safari into the White Mountains with a friend - no real plan, we just wanted to shoot barns. We meandered up Route 93, stopping along rivers to take pretty, scenic photos or anything else that caught our fancy. We eventually wound up at Mount Washington - no barns, but a really cool cog railway. And while driving up to the parking lot I happened to comment, "Hey! Are those the piles of coal? How cool!" Apparently Mt. Washington has nothing on stockpiles of coal for the cog railway.

On the way back we stopped at waterfalls and old covered bridges. Eventually we found our barn. I don't even know if I could tell you where it was - in a field by some mountains and trees. The best part - old cars! So while we spent the day surrounded by scenic mountains and streams, my current favorite shot is an old Chevrolet in a random barn.