Sunday, June 6, 2010

British Cars

Rainy rainy day today but gorgeous cars. I went to the British Car Rally at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA. Actually, seeing that they are British, it is rather appropriate that it was raining. Even with the weather, there were lots of cars, and people were in high spirits. I was actually surprised with the turn-out and the lack of reaction to the weather. Going by the stereotype of people babying their antique cars (keeping them safe in garages and only letting them out on warm, clear days in the summer - heaven forbid if they get wet or dirty!), I assumed they would be adverse to taking them out when there was the slimmest chance of rain. Not these people - everyone was hanging, talking car, and checking out all the new arrivals.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Feed Me!

I loved this job - a massive pair of shears on a Volvo excavator. They were demo-ing two large steel tanks, and although it almost looked it the way the shears tore through these things, these were not like big aluminum cans you could just crumple. This steel was up to six inches thick in places. Coolest thing to watch ever. The shears cut through the steel literally like butter, and the operator was super talented. He would cut off massive sheets of steel, and then fold them up in neat rolls. You can see the stack of them behind the body of the excavator. So, besides for just drooling over the project, this is a great example of what one of my friends calls giving the equipment I take photos of personality. When I look at this photo, the first thing I think is that the excavator is saying "Feed me!"